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How it works?

  • The user goes to our site using the link containing your identifier.
  • The user's IP address is logged, and a note is made in the user's cookies that he clicked from your link.
  • A visitor uses our logo maker and creates his logo
  • If a visitor buys a logo, then we record the fact of purchase through the Post Affiliate Pro system and you receive an affiliate commission.

Earn 30% commission!

We offer a high commission of 30% from all sales of your user.

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Our service is one of the best logo creation services. Product quality guarantees a high conversion to sales.

Long cookies lifetime.

Most of our customers make a purchase during the first days. But even if a customer buys within a month after clicking on your link, you will receive your commission.

Payout with PayPal!

We offer a low withdraw threshold. You can get your affiliate payment by PayPal.

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